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We define Modern Appalachia as a culture that recognizes artists of all kinds as vital members of Southern Appalachia, central to cultivating a deep sense of our place and forging vibrant communities.

Our artists and their work inspire our imaginations by illuminating the abundant beauty of our landscape and our people, helping to shape what  Southern Appalachia looks like today in a Modern Appalachia. 

We believe that artists and artisans play a significant role in defining a Modern Appalachian culture. Our aim is to raise the visibility of artists and artisans throughout Southern Appalachia.  


*Photo by Sam Stapleton 


Bloodroot Mountain Featured Artist

Sam Stapleton

Bloodroot Mountain is pleased to have published  Sam Stapleton's art book, Stilled Life. Stapleton's unique artistic vision in Stilled Life weaves together poetry and fine art photography into a visual and literary masterpiece. Inspired by Stapleton's images, created from multiple photographic exposures of frozen flowers, poets George Ella Lyon and Diane Gilliam have given language to the artist's work. 

As part of our Modern Appalachia series of exhibits, we will showcase the fine art photography from Stilled Life, presenting Stapleton as a Modern Appalachian artist.

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To learn more about Sam Stapleton and Stilled Life, please visit the artist's website:

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Additionally we will send you (or as a gift to someone) a copy of Sam Stapleton's fine art book, Stilled Life. Stunning imagery and poetic voices woven together make this book truly a work of art in of itself.

“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him…it is a form of truth.” 

~ John F. Kennedy

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